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The days of Pain and Agony in your relationship is over! You deserve a happier life!!! This text will show you the quickest remedies to that Relationship bringing you pain and shame. This is the best thing you will read on the internet today! Read to the end.

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Fix or Leave
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This is to show you dear friend that you’re not alone in this.

You know sometimes we plan our lives to detail. I’m sure there’s a certain way you’ve already planned your life to go. Me too… I did.

Out of nowhere sometimes, some things just happen. Unexpectedly! And ruins your whole plan, then your life becomes a shadow of itself.

You’re now like a spectator watching things unfurl. You’re looking at what your life has become, it is nothing at all like what you wanted. This hurts terribly… It does hurt.

Especially when people that know nothing about this life of yours come and Lord over it. They spit on it. And judge you. They talk as if the whole ruins is your fault when  it truly isn’t.

I had my plans too.

It was my utmost desire to live happily ever after when I got married in 2009 but things began to go south from the very first night of the wedding ceremony,

yes you heard me right, we started having serious disagreements from the night of our wedding day. You can imagine… and within two years of marriage, a lot had gone wrong!

I was broken, tired and confused. You know how everyone suddenly have a say when things go wrong???  They suddenly become Judges.

Telling you how much you’ve done wrong and, how almost everything is your fault.

But no one stops to remember that you’re human too. And you could actually be dying inside while they’re there judging you.

Deciding to fix or leave the troubled marriage was a very difficult and sensitive one. Going through the murky waters of marriage was the hardest.

A lot of things went wrong from inception;

I married out of pressure from family and peers, living apart after two weeks of the wedding due to offer of appointment, lack of communication, lack of quality time together,

third party interference, lack of understanding family finances and lots more to eventual loss of interest in the marriage.

Analyzing my situation to genuinely consider issues without being selfish was a herculean task.

A part of me really wanted to stay and fix my marriage while the other wanted to be out of the union but considering the other party, family, culture, religion, put me in a mystified state.

In order to get myself out of this dilemma and take the best decision,

I asked myself some germane questions and took few critical steps which assisted me to eventually move from confusion to confidence in resolving all issues without any iota of regret.

My path had crossed a few persons whom I had worked with, using the strategies put together in this book, during the troubled phase of their relationships, and to the glory of God,

they were able to carefully analyze their situations, become happier persons and confidently take decisive steps either to Fix or Leave their relationships without squabble or regret.

This was what prompted me to put it in a book form to reach out and help more persons experiencing storm in their love life.


It is a valid desire to have true companionship with whom we can be vulnerable but as they say,

life is what it is, this desire is just mere desire but for a relationship to last longer and survive, it requires more than just a desire.

Between the desire and the reality, there must then be actions.

The world is filled with negative triggers and impulses that are enough to keep our minds on negative thoughts all day.

It is not an exception with marriages and relationships.

There are several hundreds and thousands of negative examples which are threatening to kill your desires and expectations for a loving home.

Having worked towards having a lovely marriage/relationship, things can go wrong, in fact, there will always be ups and downs in the union.

This period of challenges could deteriorate depends on the parties involved. If you find yourself at a crossroads in your relationship, be still.

Get this book and in it, you’ll find the ultimate solution. If you take the necessary actions highlighted in this manual, I promise you’re on your way to unlocking your true happiness.

Although, I don’t think anyone will get into a marriage with a preformed mindset of divorce at a particular time.

My point is that no one has a date set already for divorce or let me call it an expiration date for the marriage, but still, it is just unimaginable that anyone has an expiration date fixed before the union started.

But as the journey progresses, divorce may become an option amidst valid desires, things can still go wrong.

It has been established previously that the desire is not enough, but actions may also fail when not taken properly.

Admittedly, our society frown at separation and divorce, and no one wants to be mocked or shamed due to broken relationships but the same society will also scoff if you fall into depression due to pain, lack, unfulfillment or eventually die in that situation.

Why not sit back, read this book, and discover the hidden hacks that will completely turn your story of pain and shame into joy and fufillment that you truly deserve.

This book touches virtually every aspect of relationship/marriage. The content is practical, real and easy to apply. You will get answers to those questions you’ve been desperately asking.

This book you will read contains the true experiences of people that have gone through your current situation. These lessons are short and straight to the point.

In it, you will find wisdom from their mistakes so that you’ll be able to avoid them and discover the true happiness you’ve been looking for.

Fix or Leave

Seun Osimosu

My name is Seun Osimosu and I am the author of Fix or Leave? A practical guide to helping you move from frustration to satisfaction in your relationship. My contacts are +2348050861338 and, feel free to reach out.

Fix or Leave Review

If you would like to transform your relationship from Unhappiness to Joy, frustrated to A Sweeter marriage or better still, you would like to outrightly pull the plug and be free from the entanglement due to irreconcilable differences and/or excessive abuse/violations, without an iota of regret, then this Manual  “Fix or Leave” (ISBN 978-978-996-188-7) is a must for you!

This book is written to Fix Marriage Trauma


The following are the glimpses of what you are going to discover inside the pages of this “Fix or Leave” Manual:

These are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you will discover in the pages of this book. This book is dedicated to all persons, especially women, who strive to become better version of themselves irrespective of what life throws at them.

abuse in relationship

I promise you, THIS IS NOT JUST A BOOK, BUT A TRANSFORMATION FROM FRUSTRATION TO SATISFACTION! Your life has found change! Get this book Now and begin to shift your story immediately.

If you do not get this book now, you might continue to wallow in this pain and shame and confusion. Without knowing where exactly to go or what to do from here. Are you satisfied with your current emotional state?? Do you not wish to be as happy as you can be? True Happiness really exists. I have seen it!  For a price lesser than the cost of a plate of Ice-cream and Pie. You can grab this manual now and begin to shift your story back to what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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